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Unlock the secrets of your family tree with Black Oak Genealogy!

Dig deep into your roots and uncover the stories of your ancestors. With our help, you can discover distant cousins, trace your lineage, and break down any brick walls between you and your family history.


My name is Darren Cameron

I've been interested in genealogy since I was 8 years old, when my grandfather told me tales of his life as a boy.

The joy of solving a mystery, the excitement of discovering an ancestor and the thrill of tracking down and meeting a living relative are the reasons I am still passionate after more than 30 years of digging though old documents and visiting graveyards.

I've researched in the UK and across Europe, and have volunteered with FreeBMD, BillionGraves and the Wiltshire Online Parish Council.

I am passionate and methodical in my research, but I also think "outside the box". 

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